Hiking For Health

While hiking can mean different things to people especially in different regions for the interest of this article we will conclude hiking is an extended walk sometimes vigorous usually on some type of trail in the natural environment. Together we will explore the benefits and beauty of hiking and some helpful tips to get you better prepared for your next adventure.

If you are new to the concept of hiking I am glad you are here because I believe this article will help you the most. To start let us discuss the obvious benefits of hiking. First thing worth mentioning is that it’s fun! Perhaps bringing you back to a past time where exploring seemed like a great adventure. The outdoors provides the most beautiful view that technology, while tries to imitate, cannot duplicate. Keeping inline with the fun aspect hiking is a great activity to do with friends and family. It can also be beneficial for team building and camaraderie as it challenges you mentally and physically which allows for encouragement between hikers.

Another great and possibly the most important aspect of hiking is the health benefits. Hiking depending on your skill level and trail can be an extremely challenging physical activity. Moving your way through a trail is much more difficult than using a treadmill because the ground is almost always uneven. There are hills and obstacles to work around forcing you to walk, run, jump and even climb. Consider it a full body exercise and expect to be sore if you are doing it for the first time. Another health benefit that can’t be overstated is that just being outdoors in nature is good for you. Studies have shown that walking outdoors is a good way to release stress and with society being as busy as ever it now is a better time than ever to get it.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of hiking here are some 8 tips to help you get started.

I always mention this first, please let someone know that you are out for a hike and how long you expect to be gone.

Start small, pick the right trail that fits your fitness level. You can always work your way up in difficulty but it takes time and practice.

Familiarize yourself with the trail and practice over and over on the same trail.

Check the weather for the entire time you will be gone.

Pack the essentials and keep it light.

Wear the right shoes and socks.

Bring food, snacks and plenty of water.

Pace yourself. This is not a race!

While most consider hiking a day activity that is not always the case. In fact overnight hiking trips are essentially camping trips as well. Most camping trips in fact do some sort of hiking during their time out. If you plan on doing an overnighter expect to be adding more to list in terms of items. Two items that can’t be overlooked is an efficient tent and a quality sleeping bag. If you need tips on sleeping bags visit http://sleeperequipment.com/ for in depth articles and reviews.

So in conclusion it’s hard to refute the benefits of adding hiking to your life. You might feel like there aren’t many options in your area but the reality is with a little research online you will be surprised how readily accessible parks are and how they are filled with trails to hike on. Some even give maps and have rangers on site to help you if you are lost. Now is a better time than ever to get involved. Don’t let the busyness of life make you miss an opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature and all its beauty and benefits.

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