Kayaking Across the Country

With your body cruising just above the water, with the beams from the sun touching your face and the wind gently flowing around you, there is a calmness and a peacefulness that is hard to find in other places. This is what kayaking can be for some people. It can be therapeutical at the least. Kayaking and canoeing always seem to be interchangeable, but there is a difference between the two. The biggest difference being the paddle that you use to steer the boat. For kayaking, the paddles have blades on both ends, while the paddle for canoes only have one.

As far as the other gear goes, it’s pretty much the same for both kayaking and canoeing. Anyone that gets in the water should be wearing a standard personal flotation device for their own safety. If you happen to fall into the water, then the vest will help keep your head above water. Having a spray skirt on your kayak may be necessary. Maybe not so much on warm-weathered days or on warm, calm water because of trapping unwanted heat inside the kayak. But on cold days and on rough waters, the spray skirt will keep water out of your kayak and provide some warmth as it keeps the heat from your body from escaping.

If you don’t have a spray skirt or your kayak takes on water because of capsizing, there are bilge pumps available that were made to take that water out of your boat. You can choose from a manual pump or an automatic one depending on the size of your boat and how often you think you’ll need it.





Once you’re ready to go, you may be thinking of where to actually go. There are plenty of rivers across the country that have people traveling to see skylines and wildlife while they go kayaking. The Potomac River that runs along Washington D.C. is a popular place to kayak. There are many companies in the area that provide rentals, lessons, and even guided tours.

On this route from the Key Bridge, you are able to see famous tourist attractions such as the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. In the summer, people travel to Austin, Texas to kayak on the Colorado River for the chance to view the spectacle of about 1.5 million bats.

Zilker Metropolitan Park is the starting point for the kayakers as they move down towards the Congress Avenue Bridge where the bats appear from. Boston, Massachusetts is a beautiful city within itself, but there is an added layer of beauty when seeing it while traveling down the Charles River.

From here, you will be able to view the gorgeous campuses of very well-known universities such as Harvard and Boston University and as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

To see more great destination spots for kayaking, take a look at this website. Check out a few of these places for yourself. Do your own research and see how many of these locations you can tackle.

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