Overnight Fishing trip

Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed by all types of people from all backgrounds. A fishing trip provides a great environment for sport, challenge and a good time with friends and family. Like many outdoor activities fishing is one that becomes more enjoyed with each opportunity to get out there. While an overnight fishing trip is generally reserved for the highly dedicated fan of the sport it can also be a great invitation for those who are trying to get involved or a fun filled friends and family trip.

There are a variety of different types of overnight fishing trips. You could simply camp out near a body of water or you can have a boat charter you out to some of the best fishing spots only known by the locals. While both are very different an overnight trip does require very similar equipment. It is highly recommended that when you are on land or sea that you pack is if you are going on an overnight camping trip. One of the most essential is a sleeping bag. Here is a helpful link with reviews and tips for sleeping bags if you need one or need to upgrade an old one.

While both types of trips are fun, I would encourage you to consider an overnight fishing trip on a charter boat. With a little research or your willingness to travel you will be able to find that there are many options available. Also, the variety of fish you can seek out is endless! Most overnight fishing expeditions allow you to really go far out and fish bodies of water that you just couldn’t reach with a simple day trip back and forth. This really makes for one unforgettable experience.

With an overnight trip expect about 20hrs of total fishing time and likely 2-3 bag limit of fish you can take back. Also, most can travel up to or even further than 100 miles and most provide meals and some variety of bait. While you can rent equipment at a cost, for a trip like this you really want your own rods and lures. It is advised to bring around 3-5 rods that can handle the weight of the fish you expect to catch.

With so much fun and exploration available when traveling by boat this is a great activity for friends and family. Visit a reputable fishing expedition website for details, make sure you know the licensing and laws of that particular state and pack and prepare properly.

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