Sleeping Bag made for both individuals and couples

Although camping can be an activity for any season for some individuals, in some States including Maryland, it can be seasonal. State parks have timeframes of when you can book a spot for your family and/or friends to go camping; the average season being between late April and late October. Now that the season has begun, preparation is everything. It will leave you with less stress and headaches in the future as you’re trying to head out for your trip. One of the most essential items you’ll need besides your tent are sleeping bags. Tents are important for creating a barrier between you and the wilderness, but sleeping bags are crucial for a comfortable night’s sleep. This is especially true when camping in locations of high altitude, where temperatures can be cooler and the addition of wind can make it feel even colder. Depending on the quality and the durability of your sleeping bag, it can withstand both of these conditions.

The Redcamp outdoor sleeping bag is an option that checks both of those boxes. It is built with a windproof baffle made to do as it sounds, deflect cold air from getting through the bag. To further prevent the access of cold temperatures and to maintain a warm environment, it also comes with a drawstring closure. Other features of the Redcamp outdoor sleeping bag are the reverse zipper and zipper guard. Have you ever had the problem of zipping up something, maybe too fast, and the material or fabric gets caught in the zipper? You try and try to unzip it, but due to a cheap material, the zipper breaks and you’re left with throbbing hands? Well, these features were added to prevent that from EVER happening to you again. Another feature involving a zipper is the 2-way zipper. Although the sleeping bag in its normal state is already quite spacious and roomy, this feature allows for the attachment of another sleeping bag to increase space and warmth if you need it. This makes it convenient for larger people or people who don’t like the feeling of being too constricted. It also makes it perfect for couples who want to cuddle next to each other during cold nights in their own enclosed space. In comparison to having two separate sleeping bags, where even if you were to unzip both of them and use one as a base and the other as a cover, there’d still be gaps for cold air to flow through making it ineffective. For people that are inclined to losing their belongings, an interior pocket was added to hold such things. So, you can sleep soundly as your phone, wallet, and keys are safe with you inside your bag. On top of all the features, this bag comes with a compression sack allowing for simple travel. It contains quick cords for you to pull on for compression with ease. This helps to make it the ideal size to put into your pack or to strap it onto the top of your pack. Earlier, I spoke of sleeping bags being able to give you a comfortable night’s sleep. How can we talk about comfort without talking about the material of the interior of the bag that is used to maximize the warmth and insulation from fairly cold weather? The Redcamp sleeping bag is made out of the soft fabric of cotton and flannel providing a cozy cushion between you and the ground. As long as you find a nice, flat surface to set up your tent on, you shouldn’t have to worry about discomfort while sleeping even without a sleeping pad. This particular sleeping bag even provides varying options for the amount of filling that goes inside it depending on your camping patterns:

  • 2 lbs. = sleeps comfortably between 59°F and 77°F
  • 3 lbs. = sleeps comfortably between 41°F and 68°F
  • 4 lbs. = sleeps comfortably between 32°F and 59°F

As you can see with the different ranges in temperature, this bag doesn’t hold up well below freezing temperatures. So, if you’re planning a camping trip on the frozen tundra, a suggestion could be made to invest in a thicker sleeping bag that satisfies your traveling needs.

The Redcamp outdoor sleeping bag is a worthwhile choice for most camping seasons depending on your location. It is made with quality materials and won’t break the bank. The features are great keeping you relaxed and stress-free from zippers that get snagged. However, if you don’t find yourself satisfied with it, it includes great customer service with the manufacturing company offering a 365-day warranty. For more information on this sleeping bag, go here. This website has more reviews on different types of sleeping bags and some advice as to what you want to look for when purchasing one. It gives you the ability to compare each bag and select the one that is right for you or your family and friends.

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