Swimming to Stay Fit

There are many ways to stay fit these days. Depending on your lifestyle you might be someone who goes to the gym to exercise or you someone who play sports to stay active. As you get older or if you get an injury you will find that your body just does not function the same as it once did. This is just a natural progression of life as your body begins to break down with age.

So I am writing to introduce swimming as a replacement for the gym and sport or at the least an addition to what you are already doing. The benefits of swimming can’t be overstated as an excellent cardiovascular, weight loss and muscle toning workout. The best part is that it does not break down the body like weight training or running where your joints are heavily impacted and the chance of injury is much higher. The resistance water puts on the body is natural and smooth. It does not impact the knees or joints like running would especially on a hard surface.

So you might be thinking how can swimming be a sport? Well, there are two ways to really challenge yourself when swimming. If it is not too much for you to join a swim club or team you could put yourself in training and compete just as any other sport would. If this is not feasible for you as a casual swimming what I encourage for you to do is to set goals and challenge yourself. For example, you could see how many laps you could do in a pool and slowly increase and set goals. Or you could time your laps and see if you can increase your technique and speed. There are many ways like this to keep swimming fun and help you stay committed.

Another obstacle that is natural to think about is availability to swim. If you don’t live near the beach or own a swimming pool you might think its impossible for you to get involved. But the reality just like other similar activities is that you really need to want to do it. You would be surprised by the availability but because you may have never searched or looked it appears unpopular. The most common is likely your local gym. Nowadays gyms are competing with each and many have or are upgrading to pools as part of their regular membership. If you check with the gym schedule you will find they have free time slots throughout the day where anyone can do laps in the pool. Also, the gym will have lessons and fitness classes provided in the pool that you can join. Another option is there are actually pools that have memberships. These are not gyms but strictly indoor and outdoor pools designed for the casual and serious swimmer.

With a little searching online you might find yourself not only a great new activity that is healthy and good for your body but you might also find yourself a wonderful community of people who have a passion for swimming. It doesn’t hurt to try and now is a better time than ever because with each passing day we are not getting younger. Stay fit!

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